We like to post pictures of our work so you can keep up with developments...


Heat exchanger development


Inspecting the finished prototype of our low fouling HX which was installed later that day.

Heat exchanger plate alignment
The plate alignment was generally good, though we identified a small number of bypass routes -  acceptable for first off.

Heat exchanger pressure drop test
Pressure drop testing of heat exchanger
- as expected

Heat Exchanger mid-assembly

We developed a number of prototypes by various manufacturing methods to arrive at a plate design.

Heat exchanger plate weld

You’ve got to start somewhere...

Gas Turbine Failure Investigation training

S.E. Asia August 2012

gas turbine failure investigation course
Jim trained 15 delegates through the mindset and technical expertise required to solve difficult gas turbine failures

malaysian cuisine
Malaysian hospitality brought some exotic new tastes...

Gas Turbine Failures

gas turbine spring finger failure
Fatigue failure of GT combustor spring finger

gas turbine combustor fault
Crack and release of gas turbine combustor section

gas turbine combustor cracking failure
Combustor cracking - we carried out failure investigation and resolved

gas turbine blade root cracking failure
Gas turbine blade fatigue failure and release

gas turbine combustor groove
When carrying out failure investigations you have to look at the detail marks

gas turbine hot bellow failure
Hot bellows failure required sectioning and metallurgic analysis

gas turbine fuel nozzle failure
Gas turbine NGV cut to help design improvement

how to test a heat exchanger for leaks
Leak testing heat exchanger parts

Gas Turbine heat exchanger design

spiral recuperator heat exchanger test
Spiral recuperator test rig to determine effectiveness and pressure drop

spiral recuperator heat exchanger inlet
Inlet face of spiral recuperator

gas turbine kettle boiler efficiency
Gas turbine kettle boiler - CCGT efficiency improvement

“The Gen Game” domestic aggregation trials

Spring 2013

configure smart plugs for domestic aggregation
In preparation for our Gen Game trial we configured and tested online smart energy kits for 20 homes

internet controlled smart plug trial

We controlled  household appliances in the game via internet connected smart-plugs

domestic electricity meter monitoring
Domestic households hold a great deal of potential for demand response technology, see TheGenGame...