A selection of our gas turbine projects are listed below.

Alternatively, download a full description of our Gas Turbine Failure Investigation Overview.

Gas Turbine Case Studies

Gas turbine heat exchanger

Feasibility of Waste Heat Recovery on Gas Recip Engines

Client: Infinis

  1. Assessed thermodynamic cycles: Steam and Organic Rankine

  2. Developed thermodynamic models from first principles

  3. Assessed power and efficiency for each configuration

  4. Recommended most promising options

  5. Worked with client to develop landfill gas system understanding

Organic Rankine cycle thermodynamics
gas turbine kettle boiler

Performance Upgrade for CCGT

Client: Large CCGT operator

  1. Concepts design study: Assessed and recommended concepts options for raising CCGT thermal performance

  2. Detail design phase: Produced detail model of transient thermal behaviour of steam and fuel heat exchanger.

  3. Validation phase: Lead the design validation, test validation methods, carried out post testing analysis and justification of performance benefits. Includes defining combustion instrumentation. Advised on system effects and cost/benefit.

Gas turbine stress FEA

Lifecycle Analysis of Gas Turbine under Cyclic Loading

Client: Blue Chip Utility.

  1. Assessed GT maintenance and failure history

  2. Detailed stress modelling to understand impact of increased cyclic operation on component lives

  3. Established key risks to GT reliability and availability

  4. Recommended changes to operation, overhaul and spares plans

Gas Turbine blade stress

Gas Turbine Failure Analysis - Explanation of Root Cause

Client: Utility.

  1. Oswald Consultancy has considerable experience with GT failure analysis, drawing on a wealth of experience to solve the most challenging problems by performing thorough investigations.

  2. Download our detailed overview of gas turbine failure investigations here

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How to Solve a Gas Turbine Failure - Training Course

Client: Malaysian training provider

  1. Evidence collection and dissemination

  2. Root Cause Analysis and failure sequence understanding

  3. 4 day course delivered to oil and gas industry delegates in Malaysia

Gas turbine training