Gas Turbine Engineering & Failure Investigation Services

J. Oswald spent his career in the design and development of gas turbines, being made Manager of Advanced Engineering in Rolls-Royce Industrial and Marine Gas Turbines before leaving to start his own consultancy.

Oswald Consultancy now has an excellent reputation with blue chip companies in carrying out gas turbine failure investigations, designing performance improvements and planning future plant. An overview of our expertise is given below.

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First principles heat transfer

Gas Turbine Failure Investigation:

Oswald Consultancy has gained an excellent reputation with industrial and marine gas turbine operators in carrying our failure investigations. This has been earned through discovering and resolving the true causes of various substantial gas turbine failures.

Over the last few years we have resolved some of the most difficult gas turbine failures you are likely to meet anywhere.  With the most challenging failure events we lead the investigation while calling on our network of associates with their specialist expertise in combustion, controls and vibration. These are all highly experienced colleagues who have also spent considerable time at Rolls-Royce Industrial and Marine and its sister organisations. With this organisational approach, we believe we can resolve any gas turbine failure incident you have.

Through a sound understanding of thermodynamics, heat transfer, aerodynamics, combustion, controls, mechanical stress and component life, we establish the underlying factors that cause the failure and ensure it is not repeated again.

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Gas Turbine Performance Improvement:

We can work with gas turbine owners and operators to get the most our of their plant. This can be through inlet chilling, predictive maintenance and other novel means.

Gas Turbine Failure Investigation - Training Course

We can provide a 4 day gas turbine failure investigation course to companies anywhere in the world. The course is predominately role play where delegates are put in to teams and work to solve difficult turbine failures which are all based on real life failures. It is demanding on delegates, teaching both creativity and logical thinking.

Delegates learn:

- How to think through failure sequences

  1. -What information to request and what to investigate further

  2. -How to avoid misleading information

  3. -Formal methods including Fishbone and Sequence of Events diagrams

  4. -Relevance and understanding of creep life, fatigue life and compressor surge

  5. -How to use metallurgy reports

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Areas of gas turbine expertise: 2004 - 2013 Oswald Consultancy Ltd

(See detailed case studies)

•Concept sizing gas turbine gas to steam heat exchanger. (tube shell steam kettle boiler)

Concept sizing gas turbine steam heating of fuel, heat exchangers, tube shell

Develop transient model for kettle boiler, gas turbine upgrade

Testing gas turbine performance improvement from introducing steam and fuel heat exchangers (tube shell)

Review heat options to improve performance of gas turbine CCGT. We assessed inlet fog boost, rotor air cooling, fuel heating, inlet refrigeration, firing curve improvement

1989 – 2001. J.Oswald, designed, developed, tested gas turbine heat exchangers (recuperators) whilst employee of Rolls-Royce:

Brazed plate fin heat exchanger, micro turbine, stainless steel plate fin

Novel spiral recuperator, stainless, welded plate fin

  1. Design, develop, manufacture test, validation, spiral recuperator variants Stainless, INCO. Multi-million £ development programme.