Over the years we have designed some of the most advanced heat transfer systems in the world. Each project has had its own challenges but our creative team of engineers and associates have proven more than capable of meeting even the most complex thermal engineering challenges.

Here we present a selection of our heat transfer project case studies which have involved the design, manufacture, testing and deployment of both large and small heat transfer systems across a wide range of applications:

Heat Transfer Design Case Studies

Feasibility of Waste Heat Recovery on Gas Recip. Engines

Client: Infinis

  1. Assessed thermodynamics of cycles: Steam and Organic Rankine

  2. Developed thermodynamic models from first principles

  3. Assessed system power and efficiency for each configuration

  4. Recommended most promising options

  5. Worked with client to develop system understanding

Heat Exchanger - Concept Design

Client: SME in new product development

  1. Specified and sized heat exchanger to meet system criteria

  2. Optimised heat exchange parameters to ensure robust off-design operation and mitigate operational risks

Bagasse drier heat exchanger

Mass and Heat Transfer of Bagasse in Pneumatic Dryer

Client: Company in the Process industry

  1. Designed and modeled bagasse drying system: mass, heat transfer & pressure

  2. Proved model predictions using existing design and performance

  3. Predicted performance of a new system and scaled the existing design to improve drying performance whilst complying with system constraints

Heat exchanger design tool for Anaerobic Digester manufacturer

Client: Atlas Engineering

  1. Developed heat exchanger design tool for Anaerobic Digester

  2. Pasteurisation system designs for both continuous and batch processing

  3. Designed to exceed industry guidelines on pathogen sterilisation

Heat exchanger design, manufacture & test for asphalt recycling

Client: Construction SME

  1. Concept proof, detailed design, manufacture, testing & deployment

  2. Increased process output by 300%

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Molten-Salt Thermal Storage System for Nuclear Fusion Reactor

Client: Culham Centre for Fusion Energy

  1. Creating stable electricity supply from pulsed nuclear fusion output

  2. Steam cycle design to charge/discharge molten salt heat stores

  3. 10GW of thermal energy into xxx GW electrical output

  4. Heat exchanger design and costing

  5. Read our full PDF report on thermal storage for fusion

Jim Oswald Fusion Tokamak

Solar Gain thermal modelling for sustainable business park units

Client: Cawrey Ltd.

  1. Advised on overheating mitigation strategy due to solar heating effect

  2. Simulated solar position and irradiation for each 5 minutes of year

  3. Modelled building temperatures with LMS software and building geometry

  4. Verified computer generated model with temperature measurements

  5. Recommended optimal biomass heating schedule for occupant comfort.

Process flow diagram for heat exchangers