1. December 2016 - Jim and Adrian commission liquid Nitrogen cooling cart at Eaton Aerospace

  2. November 2016 - Client can’t start-up heat transfer system and asks for help understanding transient behaviour

  3. August-December 2015 - Jim is put in charge of Bladon Jets recuperator development (gas turbine gas to gas heat exchanger)

  4. July 2015 - Jim helps Bladon Jets design microturbine engine (high temperature mechanical design)

  5. May 2015 - We presented to a learned audience on our specialist liquid nitrogen heat exchanger system at a HEXAG.org forum meeting (see Hezlin’s smiling photo :)

  6. April 2015 - I’m not sure if its micro channel, but we delivered another design for a very hot compact heat exchanger . And most importantly, Hezlin is promoted to manager: “Chief Project Engineer - Heat Exchangers. Well done Hezlin !

  7. March 2015 - Hezlin has been appointed to the committee of The Heat Transfer Society http://www.hts.org.uk 

  8. February 2015 - Jeremy is getting stuck into www.thegengame.com. Quite possibly the coolest Smart Grid idea to ever emerge.

  9. January 2015 - Hezlin attended a Heat Transfer Society event to see Dave Butterworth speak about “Uses and Abuses of Heat Transfer”, a good network for heat exchange designers! We also completed a shell-and-tube, and bayonet condenser design for tyre and plastic pyrolysers.

  10. December 2014 - Many exciting things are afoot for the new year as we end 2014 having begun preparations for the wild and wonderful smart-grid game: “The Gen Game”, deliver a prototype process heater for a novel coating technology, and gear up for some interesting heat exchanger development work throughout 2015.

  11. November 2014 - We complete and deliver our 25 kW Oswald Cryogenic Cooling system to Eaton, and think it looks the part - see for yourself...

  12. October 2014 - We ran our first test of our fully controllable cryogenic heat exchanger system.

  13. Delivered a copper shell tube heat exchanger to Axium Process as centre piece of a university educational heat exchanger demonstration rig.

  14. September 2014 - Five customers phone for novel heat exchangers in one day. Steady, guys, cool it.

  15. August 2014 - More customers call needing help with designing specialist heat exchanger systems, and Jim flies to S.E.Asia to give his “Gas Turbine Failure investigation” training course

  16. July 2014 - Bingo! We won our £1.1M R&D project funded by TSB with 5 great partners.

  17. June 2014 - Aircraft fuel tank heat exchanger cooler is ordered. Nice tube bundle.

  18. May 2014 - Start on compressed air energy storage designs

  19. April 2014 - Our own Smart Grid solution gets through the first round of TSB “Localised Energy Systems” competition. Well I should hope so, we did invent it for you Mr TSB.

  20. March 2014 - We decide on tube shell heat exchanger for the cryogenic rig. Controls on plan.

  21. February 2014 - We start to design a new cryogenic heat exchanger system for the aerospace industry. Pretty mucho cool.

  22. January 2014 - Someone has a hot gas turbine component which is cracking and we are helping them fix it. Fixing gas turbine faults can be very demanding.

  23. December 2013 - Initial tests of our heat exchanger suitable for very hot air flow goes well.

  24. November 2013 - We present our new energy storage technology at a Technology Strategy Board Collaboration Nation meeting and get voted “Best Technology Presentation” on the day. Sorry EDF :)

  25. October 2013 - We start the design and manufacture of a new bespoke heat exchanger to cool very hot air streams.

  26. September 2013 - We develop a new way to store wind power under our Buildings Better Connected programme.

  27. August 2013 - We completed an initial heat exchanger design concept study for a client and started a new Technology Strategy Board programme under the Buildings Better Connected competition.

  28. July 2013 - We came 3rd in the votes for the best presentation at Technology Strategy Board event (see presentation number 24 at Smart Grid Collaboration Nation event and we also moved to new offices at the EPIC centre!

  29. June 2013 - We receive very complimentary comments from a customer with gas turbine failure history, almost there now.

  30. May 2013 - We have developed our ROC (Renewable Obligation Certificates) trading report so we can see who sells to whom, when and how much. We win our TSB bid to develop smarter energy control in buildings

  31. April 2013 - We delivered consultancy advice on heat exchanger technology developments to a FTSE100 company. We submitted a new TSB bid on “Buildings Better Connected”

  32. March 2013 - We completed another Excel heat exchanger design model for a client manufacturing bio-digester pasteurisation heat exchangers

  33. February 2013 - We completed our heat pump testing and find disappointing performance. We go live with our own Smart Grid control technologies, funded by the TSB,  in which we really do switch off peoples’ appliances in TheGenGame

  34. January 2013 - Culham have approved that we can publish our work on designing their liquid salt energy storage system for future fusion reactors. Fusion Energy Thermal Design - JET.

  35. December 2012 - We have been polishing the test equipment in 3 domestic houses as part of our heat pump performance testing for a local builder.

  36. November 2012 - The liquid salt energy storage system for Culham’s fusion reactor is finished. We are able to tell you the thermal system efficiency concluded at 24% and 36% under charging and discharging modes respectively. Carnot prevented better...for now

  37. October 2012 - We have won a great order to design the steam and energy storage system for Culham’s pulsed fusion power. Yes, fusion is best.

  38. September 2012 - Jim flew to Malaysia and gave his “Gas Turbine Failure Investigation Course” to delegates across South East Asia. The delegates were wonderful and the country magnificent.

  39. August 2012 - We helped a FTSE100 with their heat exchanger design and strategy.

  40. July 2012 - We are still helping an important client with a confidential gas turbine failure investigation and it seems things are improving now.

  41. June 2012 - We signed a new TSB contract to test and trial our domestic Smart Grid technology. Its new, novel and exciting!

  42. May 2012 - Jim starts blogging at http://oswaldconsultancy.wordpress.com/ , but how do I get it to appear here?

  43. March 2012 - Did we mention we’ve got lots of experience of the software LMS Imagine.LAB AMESim for engineering analysis? Having put an agreement in place between LMS & ourselves we now hope to solve some really difficult problems for our customers!

  44. February 2012 - Energy house testing took a step forward with heat loss testing for a customer and in a separate task, the lovely cold weather in February allowed us to complete the “Whole House Heat Loss” test on a new Code 4 house built by Cawrey Ltd

  45. January 2012 - Ooops we seem to be writing a patent

  46. December 2011 - We welcome Jeremy Woolley who joins us with a 1st in Physics from Birmingham University

  47. November 2011 - We invent some new methods and consider patenting

  48. October 2011 - Jim searches Scopus publications database and finds that a total 15 international papers now reference our wind paper ““Will British weather provide reliable electricity?”

  49. September 2011 - having possibly invented a smarter house heating test method, we apply for funding.

  50. August 2011 - Our efficiency analysis of operating engines seems to go down well with the client.

  51. July 2011 - We can’t always talk about work, but we are looking forward to a gas turbine failure investigation with a new customer. Tricky stuff.

  52. June 2011 - Hezlin presents our progress on the Building performance evaluation (funded by http://www.innovateuk.org) project at Tony McNally’s Climate Change Solutions event.

  53. May 2011 - Oswald Consultancy join the Renewable Energy Technology Alliance.

  54. March 2011 - Jim recalibrates the media on Nuclear Power following the incident at the Japanese nuclear plant, Fukushima. See his comments in the Coventry Evening Post.

  55. February 2011 - Have a look at our new case study - Heat Recovery from Recip. engines

  56. January 2011 - Private Eye cite our paper on wind power in the UK.

  57. January 2011 - Windbyte release a wind power graph produced by us at Oswald Consultancy.


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Check out our new 25 kW Liquid Nitrogen heat exchanger cooling system we designed and manufactured (November 2014). Originally designed for ARP-1401 fuel icing test, applicable to far more...

  1. We get voted “Best Technology Presentation” at the Technology Strategy Board Collaboration Nation meeting “Buildings Better Connected”

Hezlin presenting our specialist heat exchanger system, which provides controlled cooling of aircraft fuel to ARP1401 test requirements