In addition to our consultancy services, we also develop our own technologies and ideas.

We draw on our experiences of the issues and opportunities in the changing technical and economical landscapes of the energy industry, and innovate solutions in response. Over the past few years we have sourced external funding to explore these ideas of ours, and in one case launched and sold a business as a result.

Here are some examples of our own innovations:

Our Innovations

ROC - Renewable Obligation Certificate Trading Database


  1. Developed proprietary software to monitor performance of all UK renewables

  2. Monitor and report all ROC trades between generators, traders & suppliers

  3. Report ROC trading activity - who is buying, selling and registering ROCs

  4. Report Monthly ROCs (MWh) for each generator and technology type; biomass, hydro, landfill gas, sewage and wind

  5. Report monthly load factor for each renewable generator

Domestic Energy Saving Controller - Concept Development


  1. Developed innovative heating controller concept based on occupancy detection

  2. Collected and analysed building thermal data to support development

  3. Modelled benefits in terms of potential energy savings

  4. Installed over 100 units for field trials

  5. Launched Wattbox Ltd. to develop and commercialise a product

  6. Sold Wattbox Ltd. to AlertMe Ltd., a leading smart-home technology provider

Domestic Demand Management - The Gen Game

Client: Technology Strategy Board

  1. Aggregation of domestic homes for grid balancing

  2. Benefits for local and national network balancing

  3. Achieved high switchable demand capacity with consumer engagement

  4. Successfully trialled on 20 homes to prove concept of ‘energy gaming’

  5. Planning further development in 2014...

Thermal Storage of Renewable Energy in Ice

Client: Technology Strategy Board funded R&D

  1. Create ice with ‘wrong time’ electricity from wind generation

  2. Proposed the use of ‘sub-zero’ ices to widen application base

  3. Suitable for target temperatures as low as -50C

  4. Storage is compact, efficient and cheap relative to other storage technologies

  5. Planning further development work in 2014...

Remote Thermal Characterisation of Buildings


  1. Using smart-meter data to determine thermal performance of buildings

  2. Development of Building Energy Signature algorithms