Jim Oswald is a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers

Oswald Consultancy Limited is a member of:

  1. Renewable Energy Technology Alliance (RETA)

  2. Heat Transfer Society (HFS)

  3. Heat Exchanger Action Group (HEXAG)

  4. Midlands Environmental Business Network

  5. Filemaker Technical Network

Dave Tolson:  Filemaker database and programming specialist.

42 TechnologyConsultancy company, experts in product design and development.

John Nunn, Tortrix: Information technology consulting. Experts in systems and database design.

Elite Consulting: Consultancy company, engineering services and CAD/Pro-E Wildfire expert users.

Jim Oswald - Director

30 years of experience in design and development of power systems. Expertise in gas turbine design, development, and failure investigation. Consultant in the renewable energy field including fuel cell concept design, strong interest in household energy saving technology. Jim launched his consultancy in 2002.

J.Oswald C.V. 2013.pdf

Mike: Power system engineering

40 years experience in design, development, commissioning & management of gas turbine power generation systems.

Bryn: Gas turbine combustion

Has a background in combustion research, for both aero and industrial engines, covering over 30 years.

Mark: Gas turbine stress & acoustics

Has a strong background in industrial gas turbine stress and acoustic analysis.

Mark runs: http://www.couplandbell.com

Adrian: Control & instrumentation

Extensive background in gas turbine control systems. Experienced programme manager of gas turbine installation & commissioning.

Peter: Manufacturing engineering

Has a background in manufacturing and power systems hardware standards.

Tom: Graphic design

A wealth of design experience from the automotive sector. Owner of Photografic.

Experts in power systems engineering.

J.Oswald spent his career in the design and development of gas turbines, being made “Manager of Advanced Engineering” in Rolls-Royce Industrial and Marine Gas Turbines before leaving to start his own engineering consultancy.

The business has been operating since 2004 and grew to five staff but has since reduced to Jim Oswald and associates now. This provides a flexible way to build engineering teams for different projects.