Here are some examples of our work around renewable energy systems and smart-grid tech:

Renewable Energy Case Studies

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Renewable obligation performance

ROCs - Renewable Obligation Certificate Trading Database

Client: Various.

  1. Maintain a database of all UK renewable energy generating sites from 2002

  2. Report ROC trading activity - who is buying, selling and registering ROCs

  3. Report Monthly ROCs (MWh) for each generator and technology type; biomass, hydro, landfill, sewage and wind

  4. Report monthly load factor for each renewable generator

World Wide Study of Grid Connection Requirements for Distributed Power Generation Equipment

Client: Original Equipment Manufacturer.

  1. Reviewed grid connection codes, standards and regulations

  2. Defined system technical requirements to meet needs across all markets whilst accommodating potential future changes

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UK wind energy volatility

“Will British weather provide reliable electricity?”

Client: The Renewable Energy Foundation

  1. Paper published in Energy Policy in 2008 and reproduced here for scholarly purposes: Will British Weather Provide Reliable Electricity submitted.doc

  2. Observed difficulties in justifying intercontinental grids due to energy supply and demand mismatch across Europe.

  3. Predicted more fossil fuel plant loading cycles in response to volatile wind power output. Expect reduced reliability & efficiency of fossil fuel plant.

  4. Suggest reduced usefulness of fossil fuel plant discourages investment into higher efficiency equipment.

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UK wind energy performance graphic

UK Renewable Energy - Performance Assessment

  1. Analysed and summarised monthly wind energy performance of the UK renewables compared to other european countries

  2. Assessed ability of Scottish Hydro power to smooth wind and wave power: Can Scottish hydro smooth wind and wave power?.ppt

  3. Investigated performance of other renewable technologies including hydro, landfill, biomass, and sewage

Thermal Storage of Renewable Energy in Ice

Client: Technology Strategy Board funded R&D

  1. Create ice with ‘wrong time’ electricity from wind generation

  2. Propose the use of ‘sub-zero’ ices to widen application base

  3. Suitable for target temperatures as low as -50C

  4. Storage is compact, efficient and cheap relative to other storage technologies

  5. Planning further development work in 2014