Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) Trading Reports

We track the volume and trading of Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) by downloading Ofgem ROC data every night and processing it through our own proprietary database tool. From this, we provide regular, customised, reports to customers quantifying:

  1. Who is buying and selling ROCs i.e. trades of ROCs

  2. Dates of ROC transactions

  3. Volume of ROCs traded

This illustrates historical ROC trading patterns going back to 2008

Product:  ROC Trading Overview

  1. Designed to help traders, brokers & analysts understand market activity

  2. Shows total ROCs traded every month between all parties, large & small

  3. New reports added at the start of every month

  4. Simple, intuitive and comprehensive layout


                       Example report: June 2012 overview.pdf

       12 x monthly deliveries:                            1 x single month overview:

          £1200 exc. VAT                                            £200 exc. VAT

A premium version of this report is also available as an excel tool, enabling you to explore individual transactions and build personalised summaries:

  1. Buying and selling patterns of specific parties

  2. Understand trades by technology type or individual generating stations

                                  Please get in touch for more details.

Additionally, through our dedicated systems, we will happily tailor reports to meet specific customer needs.

Examples of our popular report templates can be obtained by contacting us. More popular examples of our reports include:

  1. ROC trading habits of companies in the renewable generation field

  2. Actual performance of power generating installations in the renewables sector

Dr Hezlin Ashraf-Ball