We help customers design and develop energy systems.

Oswald Consultancy provides professional engineering services in the areas of energy and heat, working in a broad range of sectors from grid scale power generation to construction. Our work is centered around research and development of energy technologies.

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Heat Exchanger Design Development

We design, test and even sometimes manufacture bespoke heat exchangers for novel applications. We recently designed a thermal storage system for Europe’s nuclear fusion reactor - JET

Gas Turbine Performance and Failure

   We have extensive experience in gas turbine failure investigation and performance engineering.

Renewable Energy Systems

We carry out design and analysis of renewable energy and energy storage technologies. Our publication on UK wind energy is cited around the world.

Our Innovations

We follow our imaginations and create our own energy-related innovations - from smart heating controls to smoothing wind energy using ice.

Heat Exchanger design and section temperatures
Domestic demand management game
UK renewable energy performance

Client industries: Power Generation, Aerospace, Construction.

We serve a wide range of clients across a number of industries, from blue chip OEMs to local SME’s: